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Nasir-I Khusraw. Peter Lamborn Wilson
Nasir-I Khusraw

Author: Peter Lamborn Wilson
Published Date: 01 Sep 1998
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN10: 0877737304
File size: 29 Mb
Dimension: none
Download Link: Nasir-I Khusraw

Nasir-i Khusraw's text takes the form of a commentary on certain astutely selected lines. Twin Wisdoms Reconciled represents yet another example of the During our months of working with Nasir-i Khusraw we acquired an almost physical picture of him, almost a memory in reverse, becoming clearer rather than We can divide Khusraw's life into four periods: his early years up to age forty (for Nasir ibn Khusraw was born in 1004 in Qobadiyan in the district of Marv, Farsi Qasidah | Agar be Khwani tu Asharr i Nasir Khusraw Poetry:Sayyidna hakim Nasir Khusraw, a Nasir-i Khusraw's Book of Travels Edited and translated by Wheeler M. Thackston Jr. Costa Mesa Calif. 2001 185 PB$35.00 1 56859 137 3. The Nasir-i-Khusraw Millennium Celebration, a conference surrounding the. 11th Century missionary-saint who brought Isma'ilism to the Pamir mountains. Nasir-I Khusraw's Book of Travels:Safarnamah (Bibliotheca Iranica: Intellectual Traditions Series). by Nasir-I Khusraw/ Thackston, Wheeler M. (EDT). 1 2 3 4 5 Taken from: Nasir -I Khusraw:Safar-nama. Also called Naser-e Khosrah They say no one has been able to ascertain the source of the Nile, and I heard that the The Safarnama, Travelogue record of an expansive journey undertaken by a Persian poet and philosopher, Nasir Khusraw, in the mid-11th CE century by The I.B.Tauris in association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies Nasir-i Khusraw is a major literary figure in medieval Persian culture. He was a Muslim philosopher, Nasir i-Khusraw al-Ghazali, Abu Hamid The Isma'ili philosopher, traveler, and poet Abu Mu'in Nasir b. Khusraw b. Harith al-Qubadiyani al-Marvazi, bett. Khusraw was born in modern Tajikistan in 1004 and worked for the Seljuk sultanate as a financial

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